Facts And Figures

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Facts and Figures 

The Facts and Figures of the sugar industry provides statisical information and seasonal comparisons of the Total Cane/Sugar Production, Crop Data, Sugarcane Crushed by Mills, SA Sugar Supplies into the SACU Market and Recoverable Value and Cane Prices. 

2018/2019 Season Sugar Crop  


Estimates (tons) 
 January 2019 for the 2018/2019 Season (tons)
Sugarcane crush
19 031 688
Saleable sugar production
2 181 161


The National Market Sugar Consumption graph indicates the SA sugar supply into the SACU markets.
National Market Sugar Consumption
The Total Cane/Sugar Production graph provides a season by season comparison of sugar produced. It also provides insight on the quantity of sugar consumed nationally and the quantity of sugar sold on the international market.
Total Cane/Sugar Production
The Sugarcane Crushed by Mills graph provides information on the total amount of sugarcane crushed by South African mills.
Sugarcane Crushed by Mills (tons)
The Crop Data graph provides a seasonal comparison of the total crop area under sugarcane.
Crop Data
The Recoverable Value (RV) and Cane Prices graph provides a seasonal comparison of the RV determined price.
Recoverable Value and Cane Prices