Cane Growing in South Africa

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Cane Growing in South Africa

About The South African Cane Growers’ Association

Is the national organisation representing South Africa’s approximately 23 866 independent sugar cane growers, who operate mainly on small family farms and annually produce on average 19.9 million tons of cane, farm in excess of 371 662 hectares under sugar cane and make a substantial contribution to the economy, mainly in rural areas.

The democratic nature of the of the South African Cane Growers’ Association’s representative structure provides opportunity for the election of any individual cane grower to the board of directors and officer bearer positions in the organisation.

The organisation’s specialist services ensures that all local grower structures and individual growers are supported in economic, industrial, technical and institutional matters.

In addition, The South African Cane Growers’ Association provides opportunity for growers to improve and enhance their technical, financial and leadership skills.


The strength of CANEGROWERS lies in its democratic structures which through a series of representative structures enables all growers to participate in decision-making processes up to the highest level while at the same time providing a communication channel from  the highest level to the grass roots grower in the countryside. An important aspect of CANEGROWERS’ organisation is the fact that the decision making, communication and consultative process takes place on an ongoing basis throughout the year. In addition, organisational structures provide for adequate representation and communication with all members. Individual growers are not members of CANEGROWERS but obtain representation through one of the member organisations and they are free to join any member organisation operating in their cane supply area.


Board of directors (14)

Appointed annually by the Congress of Growers and is the policy making body of the organisation. Answerable to its member organisations in the determination of policy.

Congress of Growers (58)

Consists of members elected by the Local Grower Council. Generally oversees the affairs of the SACGA as determined by the Board.

Local Grower Councils (13)

Most important grower body within a cane supply area. It brings together all grower interests in that area and is responsible for handling all local cane supply area problems experienced by growers.

Member Organisations (26)

The primary organisation on which SACGA is based. These provide the forum for all individual growers to discuss matters of local concern and put forward ideas for discussion at higher levels of the organisation.

Individual Growers (23 866)

Produce on average 20 million tons cane. On average, 1 413 large scale growers and 22 453 small scale growers.