Overview Of SASRI

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Welcome to SASRI

The South African Sugarcane Research Institute (SASRI) is a world renowned agricultural research institute at the forefront of a thriving sugar industry.

Research at SASRI is clustered within four multidisciplinary programmes, namely Variety Improvement, Crop Protection, Crop Performance & Management, and Systems Design & Optimisation.

An Extension Service provides the essential link between researchers and sugarcane farmers. SASRI also offers a range of services including fertiliser advice, disease diagnoses and education courses.


 IPM for Eldana Control

SASRI has published an 80-page book which explores the mechanisms governing the interactions between eldana, the sugarcane crop and the various practices recommended for control of this pest. The book contains a high level of technical detail, and draws on several other SASRI publications to describe the complex interactions at play. 

Download PDF copy. (9 Mb).