Overview Of SASRI

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Welcome to SASRI

The South African Sugarcane Research Institute (SASRI) is a world renowned agricultural research institute at the forefront of a thriving sugar industry.

Research at SASRI is clustered within four multidisciplinary programmes, namely Variety Improvement, Crop Protection, Crop Performance & Management, and Systems Design & Optimisation.

An Extension Service provides the essential link between researchers and sugarcane farmers. SASRI also offers a range of services including fertiliser advice, disease diagnoses and education courses.


SASRI Progress Report

SASRI delivers research outcomes that are directed towards securing the sustainability of sugarcane farming, largely by engaging with industry representatives to ascertain their needs and understand their challenges as well as through a balanced portfolio of innovative research projects.

All of SASRI's many and varied achievements reflect the commitment of staff to the productivity of the sugar industry and are documented annually in  the SASRI Progess Peport. 

Download: SASRI Annual Progress Report 2013 (12 MB)