Agricultural Training

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Agricultural Training

Agricultural Skills Training is provided on your farm whilst under operational conditions and according to the farming cycle.  The training instructors will instruct your employees whilst they are working, so there is no disruption to your farming operations and the practical training is highly effective.  With the constant churn of farm workers and the seasonal nature of the sugar industry, regular skills training is important to maintain effective productivity.  All competent learners receive an in-house certificate for the skills courses.

Formal certificates are provided for the legislative training as accredited by the relevant bodies.

In addition basic workshop skills, implement setting and tractor care courses are available.  Safe operating procedures are important for workers involved with tractors and farm implements and STC focuses on these aspects intently when delivering these courses.  

A foundational learning programme, Farm Equipment Maintenance Worker has been introduced.  This is aimed at school leavers who wish to work on the technical side of farming and exposes them to the maintenance and workshop operations on farm.  The course is 12 months in duration with two, three-week institutional training sessions.

Please see the table below for the skills training that is offered or click on prospectus for more information. Alternatively, you can contact us for further information.

Legislative Training

Supervisor Training

Crane Operator (Training)

Applied Business Management

Crane Operator (Testing Only)

Business Orientation

Learner Licence - all codes

Junior Supervisor

Tractor Learner Driver

Senior Supervisor

First Aid (Level One)

Cane Yield Estimating

Health & safety Reps

Care of the Environment

Farm Worker Training

Induna Hand Planting

Implement Setting

Induna Hand Fertilizer

Hand Planting

Induna Knapsack Spray

Fertilizer (Ordinary Worker)

Induna Cane Cutting

Fertilizer (Mayfield Spreader)

Workshop Training

Mechanical Fertiliser Spreading

Basic Workshop Skills

Boomspray Operator

Arc Welding & Gas Cutting

Knapsack Spray Operator

Elementary Tractor Mechanic

Cane Burning

Tractor Care

Cane Cutting - worker

Irrigation (Sprinkler)

Plant Production Learnership

Cane Husbandry

NQF4 Certificate in Plant Production

Variety Identification


Eldana Identification

 Farm Equipment Maintenance Worker

Disease Identification