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SASIAA Symposia

Previous Symposia presentation Topics

Where these have been made available to us, copies of papers / presentations may be obtained from .

2014 Annual Symposium: Effective Water Management

1. Effective surface water management.

Professor Jeff Smithers, Agriculture Engineer and Hydrologist, University of KwaZulu-Natal

2. Options for increasing / improving total available water in soils.

Dr Eduard Hoffman, Soil Scientist, University of Stellenbosch

3. Irrigation scheduling – practical approaches and adoption.

Chris Barnard, Farmer and Drip Irrigation Consultant

4. Monitoring water use efficiency of irrigated sugarcane production.

Dr Abraham Singels and Aresti Paraskevopoulos, Agronomist and Crop Modellers SASRI

5. Optimising agronomic aspects of water management to increased water use efficiency.

Francois Olivier, Irrigation Scientist, SASRI

2013 Annual Symposium: Theme: Soil and Plant Health

Soil organic matter - beyond smoke and mirrors

Dr Neil Miles, Soil Scientist, SASRI

A review on the use of CMS as fertiliser
Dr Brian Kernick, Director, LNT (Pty) Ltd

Change management in cropping system soils: What are the strategies?
Prof Schalk Louw, Zoology and Entomology, University of the Free State

Sugarcane pest management using ‘nutritional IPM’
Dr Malcolm Keeping, Entomologist

SASRI Spray-on profits
Dr Stuart Rutherford, Pathologist, SASRI

2012 Annual Symposium: Theme: Technology for Agronomy

Land Use Planning in the 21st Century (Geoff Maher, Extension Manager, SASRI)

Remote Sensing: An agronomist’s perspective (Mike Whitbread, Consultant Agronomist, Agronomy 4 Cane)

Soil Water Monitoring (Theo Chiyoka, General Manager for Crop Operations Tsb Sugar)

Science for Growing Sugarcane (Peter Lyne, ex-SASRI, Emeritus Professor, Agricultural Engineering, UKZN)

Remote sensing for water resources management (Caren Jarman, Research Fellow, UKZN)

CanePro as a technology tool in Agronomy (Murray Dell, Software Developer, SQR Software)

2011: Sugarcane Agronomy in an environment of frequent water stress

Canesim yield forecasts. (A Singels, A. Paraskevopoulos & P. Sithole)

Deficit Irrigation: Strategy to counteract escalating electricity tariffs and water shortages. ( A Jumman & N Lecler)

Tapping the Genetic Reservoir: SASRI Drought-Tolerance Research Strategy (DA Watt)

2010 Drought in Perspective. (P. Sithole A Singels)

Farming Sugarcane in an Environment where Droughts are a Frequent Occurrence (R Stewart)

Performance of released varieties during the 2010 drought: Results from variety trials (S Ramburan)

The Impact of the 2010/11 Drought on the SA Sugar Industry. (S Ferrer).

2010: Sugarcane Agronomy and the Environment

SuSFarms - a tool to promote and encourage better agronomic practices (Geoff Maher)

KZN-Wild Biodiversity Programme(Kevin McCann,Vaughan Koopman)

Stewardship of Agro-chemicals (Charlie Reinhardt).

Development of a model farm for efficient water use and better farm paractices (Dr Isobel Van Der Stoep)

Assesing non-point source pollution from sugarcane cropping system in South Africa (Dr Michael Van Der Laan)

Area-wide intergrated pest management and weed bio control - advances, achievements and way forward (Dr Des Conlong)

Practical experienes of sugar cane farming under Safety, Health and Environment Management System (Paul Rusell)

2009: Sugarcane Agronomy in an environment of Climate Change: Back to Basics

Looking back over the five years(C Baker)

Managing Soil and Moisture for Maximum Yields(D Hellman)

The importance of Soil Identification in the Effective Management of Sugarcane(G Moore)

Climate change impacts on Soil Fertility & Adaptive Strategies(J Meyer)

Irrigated Sugarcane Farming System:An Engineers view of Agroonomy (N Lecler)

Understanding the Deveopment of Sugarcane root system (R van Atwerpen)

Climate Change & Sugarcane in South Africa (R Schulze)