Fertiliser Advice

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Fertiliser Advisory Service

SASRI’s revamped fertiliser advisory service now offers a comprehensive range of analytical packages. Recommendations have been revised in accordance with the latest local and international scientific findings. Nutrient advice is now customised, taking into account the attainable yield and management practices pertaining to each fi eld.

The Fertiliser Advisory Service (FAS) provides a soil, leaf, water and fertiliser testing service, and soil-specific fertiliser recommendations for the sugar industry. These analytical facilities are also available for a range of other crops locally, in neighbouring countries and overseas. We are able to provide analytical facilities for tea and coffee, sub-tropical fruit, macadamias, grain crops, gardens, nurseries, golf courses and bowling greens. Our technologically advanced laboratories use the most modern instrumentation ensuring the best results at all times.



FertiCalc is an Excel spreadsheet application which calculates the distance a specific amount of fertiliser must cover to comply with the application rate per hectare. It is useful when using the Tin & String method or when calibrating knapsack applicators.

FertiCalc is now also available as a smartphone app - available free-of-charge from the Google Play Store or the Apple iStore.