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The overall objective of the Nutrition Department, within the Division of External Affairs, is to communicate accurate science-based nutrition information especially in the area of sugar and health.

The following programmes are conducted by SASA's Nutrition Department:

Communication to the Medical Community

The development of scientific information is ongoing. SASA has served the medical community well by providing up to date information on topics related to sugar. The nutrition department actively participates and supports nutrition related congresses and meetings.

The department also conducts two Nutrition Education Programmes called Triangle Training and Nutrition Training Kit. These programmes incorporate the Food Based Dietary Guidelines and topics include diabetes, HIV/AIDS and weight management. The Triangle Training Programme is aimed at all health professionals. The Nutrition Training Kit Programme is nutrition related workshops to nursing educators who train nurses using the Nutrition Training Kit Manual. The intention of the Nutrition Training Kit is to enable trainers of nursing professionals to assist their students in the management of the nutrition needs of sick and well individuals, of all ages and cultures.

Youth Projects

The future generation of consumers is in schools. There is increased prevalence of malnutrition involving both under- nutrition and obesity in school children, and the role of nutrition for good health and disease management is becoming a topical issue even within the school curriculum. This program aims to provide science based information to teachers who will further impart this knowledge to students and the wider community.

Medical Nutrition Research Program

SASA first started supporting medical nutrition research through grants in the mid 1960s. An independent panel of scientists meets annually to evaluate applications and allocate the available funds.

Research Grants Application Form

Media Contact

The media contact programme is aimed at promoting accurate nutrition reporting, particularly with regard to sugar in the diet.

Print and Publications

The Nutrition Department at SASA is committed to disseminating accurate information on nutrition in general and sugar in particular. Educational material on different aspects of nutrition, sugar and health are available. The patient leaflets are easy to read, free and available in many languages. Emphasis is placed on providing information that is regularly updated and scientifically accurate.

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