Why work for us?

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Why work for us?

What would your work life be like if you accepted a position at SASA? Here we try to give you some idea!  We'll discuss some of the features of our life in SASA that are common to all of us, regardless of our position or the division in which we work, and if you go to the section called Our Work Environment you can find information specific to the SASA division in which you might work.

A Diverse and Interesting Work Place to Work

SASA is an extremely diverse organisation employing approximately 1000 people in a wide range of specialist areas.  We do not know of many other businesses in which one can work in conjunction with people from so many different disciplines! This is one of the key factors that make SASA a really interesting and fulfilling organisation to be employed. As we provide these specialist services to the sugar industry as a whole, we find ourselves in a privileged position of having exposure to the operations of one of the biggest industries in our region.

A Warm and Co-operative Work Context

One of the things that people who join SASA from other organisations most frequently comment on is the warm welcome that they get, and the higher than average level of co-operation between colleagues that they experience while working for us.

A Sense of Meaning and Significance

As our overall purpose in SASA is to promote the sustainability of the South African sugar industry, which in turn is a major source of livelihood for some 2% of the South African population, mostly living in the poorer, rural areas of KZN, Mpumalanga and the Eastern Cape, our work makes a meaningful contribution to the socio-economic status of people living in these regions.  Most of the people who work for SASA are the kind of people who find a great sense of meaning and significance from this fact.

Fair Employment Policies

Like other large employers in the sugar industry, SASA offers employees a work environment in which there are fair and market-related employment practices and benefits. The conditions of employment enjoyed by our employees have generally long exceeded the minimum requirements of prevailing labour legislation.

Helping You to Perform

At SASA we pride ourselves on giving people the resources that they need to perform their tasks efficiently and to a high quality standard.  In addition, we enjoy good support from our internal service providers: Information Systems, Facilities Management, Financial Accounting and Human Resources.  These comprehensive services are structured and provided internally in such a way that SASA people are able to give maximum focus to their core jobs.

Our Values

We attach great importance to the presence of dignity and respect, honesty, integrity and openness in all our interactions. The ongoing building of a participative and open style of communication is a process that we are all strongly committed to. We aim to ensure that all employees are well informed and involved in all matters that affect them and to which they can contribute.

Your Personal Development While at SASA

Whether this results in advancement up your career ladder will always depend on the availability of a position and your suitability for it. What we can tell you is that we offer an enriching environment to those people who choose to embrace the development opportunities available. Because SASA has a strong focus on the quality of work, and because we employ a high number of well-qualified people, you will find yourself operating to the best of your abilities and improving these all the time. We have numerous colleagues who began their careers with SASA in junior positions who now hold very senior ones, as well as ones who joined SASA in one division or discipline and now work in a completely different one.

In addition to the provision of training and development opportunities, we are well known for our strong focus on life-long learning, and employees, especially those based at our major centres, have many opportunities to attend talks and courses that are designed to add value to their total lives, not just their work performance.