Systems Design & Optimisation Projects

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Research Projects: Systems Design and Optimisation

Production Sustainability
The impact of lodging on sugarcane revenue.
A method for identifying small-scale grower needs in the sugar industry.
Modelling of infield traffic during sugarcane harvesting, loading and haulage operations.
Profiling on-farm and mill area direct energy and CO2 emission in the sugar industry in South Africa.
SUSFARMS® progress tracker central database.
Incorporating remote sensing data into operational crop forecasts.
Water Management
Improving water management in a complex agricultural system: Diagnostics and heuristic methods.
Best management practice guidelines for low flow sub-surface drip irrigation systems.
Validation of industry dry-off recommendations.
Technology Development
Revamping MyCanesim.
Migrate Oracle Forms and Reports to Oracle ADF.
Creating a GIS database for small-scale sugarcane farming in KZN.
Resource operations software for SASRI.