Rowan Stranack

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Rowan Stranack

Biosrisk Manager

B Ag Mgt (Hons) - Natal, Pietermaritzburg

Tel: +27 - (0) 31 - 508 7459

Role & Overall Purpose

To provide overall strategic management of the risks associated with biosecurity and biosafety in the SA sugar industry.

To facilitate, co-ordinate and assist in activities of Local Pest, Disease and Variety Control Committees in their efforts to provide effective bio-security to the industry.


Agricultural extension, pest, disease and variety control, environmental management, training and education, soils and soil conservation and sugarcane agronomy.

Specific Interests

Establishment of a formal and uniform biosecurity system in the SA sugar industry, led by Local Pest, Disease and Variety Control Committees in conjunction with SASA and SASRI.

To facilitate and provide and effective support service to LPD&VCCs.

Development of effective and practical incursion plans to counter the threats to biosecurity.

To provide leadership and guidance in the area of stewardship of all resources used by the industry, including natural resources, manufactured inputs as well as the technology produced by SASRI.