Neil Miles

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Neil Miles

Senior Soil Scientist
(Plant & Environmental Resource Centre)

BSc Agric (Natal)
MSc Agric (Natal)
PhD (Natal)
Tel: +27-(0)31-508-7437

Role To conduct research into the plant nutritional requirements of sugarcane.
To develop soil fertility recommendations for sugarcane production. 
To transfer technology to growers and other role-players in the sugar industry.
Expertise Soil fertility management, plant nutrition, soil testing and the development of related advisory services, soil organic matter and soil health, field trial research.
Research Interests Nutrient management for sugarcane yield optimisation.
Nutrient interactions in sugarcane production.
Soil testing and the derivation of nutrient recommendations.
Soil acidity and liming.
Organic matter relationships in soils.
Key Publications

Miles, N. 1991. Nutrition of intensive pastures in the summer rainfall areas of Southern Africa. J. Grassl. Soc. South. Afr. 8: 39-48 (at the invitation of the Grassland Society of Southern Africa).

Miles, N & Manson, A D. 1992.  Considerations on the sustainability and environmental impact of intensive pastures. J. Grassl. Soc. South Afr. 9: 135-140.

Miles, N & Manson, A D. 1995.  Effects of soil acidity and phosphorus on the yield and chemical composition of tall fescue. Comm. Soil Sci. Plant Anal. (USA) 25: 843-860.

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Miles, N.  1997.  Responses of productive and unproductive kikuyu pastures to topdressed nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer.  African J. Range Forage Sci. 14: 1-6.

Miles, N & Hardy, M B. 1999.  Soil fertility management in pasture small-plot trials: potential pitfalls.  African J. Range Forage Sci. 16: 101-107.

Miles, N & Manson A D. 2000. Nutrition of planted pastures. In: N M Tainton (ed.) Pasture Management in South Africa. University of Natal Press, Pietermaritzburg. pp 180-232.