Matthew Jones

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Matthew Jones

Systems Modeller
(Plant & Environment Resource Centre)

BSc (Hons) Computer Science (Natal)
M.Sc Agrometeorology (UKZN)

Tel: +27-(0)31-508-7441
Role Develop and maintain sugarcane crop models, and use these for applied research.

Develop and maintain agronomic decision support programs (DSPs) for research, extension and growers.
Expertise Sugarcane crop simulation modelling
Software development in Fortran, PHP and Java.
Research Interests

Crop simulation modelling - Canegro and DSSAT CSM (Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer Cropping System Model).
Trash modelling, bio-energy from sugarcane.
Software decision support programs.
Integrated climate change impact analysis.
Gene-to-phenotype modelling of sugarcane.

Projects Managed

11CM06 – Impacts of climate change on sugarcane production (current).

11CM02 - Genetic trait parameters for SASRI sugarcane varieties (current).

08RE15 - Updates to the Canegro model (April 2009-March 2013).

10SD05 - Quantifying yield trends in the SA sugar industry (April 2011-March 2013).

07RE10 - Sugarcane growers online forum (April 2008 - November 2010).

05RE06 - Rebuilding the Crop Model Validation System (April 2007 - January 2009).

Key Publications

Singels A, Jones MR, Marin F, Ruane AC and Thorburn P (2013). Predicting climate change impacts on sugarcane production at sites in Australia, Brazil and South Africa using the Canegro model. Proc. Int. Soc. Sugar Cane Technol., 28.

Jones MR (2013). Incorporating the Canegro sugarcane model into the DSSAT v4 Cropping System Model framework. Unpublished M.Sc. thesis, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg.

Jones, MR (2012). Calculating the impacts of climate change. The Link 21(2):7. South African Sugarcane Research Institute.

Jones, MR, Singels, A and Inman-Bamber, NG (2011). Simulating source and sink control of structural growth and development and sugar accumulation in sugarcane. Proceedings of the South African Sugar Technologists Association 84:157-163.

Singels A, van den Berg M, Smit MA, Jones MR and van Antwerpen R (2010). Modelling water uptake, growth and sucrose accumulation of sugarcane subjected to water stress. Field Crops Research 117: 59-69.

Singels, A, Jones, MR, van den Berg, M (2008). DSSAT v4.5 Canegro Sugarcane Plant Module: Scientific documentation. Report to the ICSM. pp 34. Available online:

Jones M and Van den Berg, M (2008). Modelling Sugarcane Crop Residues: Progress, Problems and Potential. Presentation at the Combined Congress of the SA Crop Production, Soil Science, Horticultural Science and Weed Science Societies held at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, from 21 to 24 January 2008.

Jones M, Porter C, Jones JW, Hoogenboom G, Singels A, Shine J, Nayamuth R, Kingston G, Chinorumba S and Van den Berg M (2007). Incorporating the Canegro model into the DSSAT V4 crop modelling system. Proc Int Soc Sugar Cane Technol 26: 438 - 443.

Jones M and Van den Berg M (2006). Modelling trash management and its impacts: methodology. Proc S Afr Sug Technol Ass 80 (Poster summary).