Francois Olivier

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Francois Olivier

Irrigation Scientist
(Plant and Environment Resource Centre)
Mpumalanga Research Station, Komatipoort

BSc Hons (Pretoria)
MSc (Pretoria)

Tel: +27-(0)13-793-7170

Role To conduct irrigation and water balance research to increase the water use efficiency of sugarcane by optimising agronomic aspects of water management such as irrigation scheduling, drying off, row spacing, variety choice, trash management and crop scheduling.
Expertise Soil-plant-atmosphere relationships with special interest in instrumentation and crop modelling.
Research Interests Manipulating row spacing, variety choice and trashing to improve water use efficiency.

Promoting and demonstrating accurate irrigation scheduling practices.

Studying the energy balance of a trash blanketed sugarcane crop.

Identifying accurate and appropriate methods for estimating crop water use.
Key Outcomes Improved irrigation water use efficiency achieved under trash blankets without significant reduction in cane yield.

Substantial savings in the amount of irrigation water applied to the crop when sound irrigation scheduling practices are adopted.

Technology transfer interventions (such as grower days) to convey latest research results to growers.
Key Publications Olivier, FC and Singels, A (2004). Survey of irrigation scheduling practices in the SA sugar industry. Proceedings of the South African Sugarcane Technologists Association 78: 239-241.

Olivier FC, Donaldson RA and Singels A (2006). Drying off sugarcane on soils with low water holding capacity. Proceedings of the South African Sugarcane Technologists Association 80: 183-187.

Olivier, FC and Singels, A, (2007). Effect of a trash blanket on irrigation water use efficiency of sugarcane. International Society of Sugarcane Technologists, XXVI Congress, 29 July - 2 August 2007.

Olivier, FC, (2007). Promoting irrigation scheduling within the sugar industry. SABI National Congress, Fish River Sun, 14 -17 August 2007.