Ewald Albertse

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Ewald Albertse


Assistant Research Officer
(Crop Biology Resource Centre)

MSc (Free Sate)
Email: ewald.albertse@sugar.org.za

Tel: +27-(0)31-508-7425
Role To conduct team-based research contributing to the production of improved sugarcane varieties, primarily through: (1) the analysis and mapping of the sugarcane genome using Microsatellite and AFLP based markers; (2) participating, both as team member and principal investigator, in projects involving physiological and molecular approaches to sugarcane improvement.
Expertise Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Transgene analysis: Northern & Southern blotting, whole plant Radiolabelling.
Separation techniques: HPLC & TLC.
Enzyme assays and Enzyme Kinetics.
Research Interests Source-sink relationships in sugarcane.
Carbon partitioning in the sugarcane culm.
Carbohydrate metabolism during sucrose accumulation in the sugarcane stalk.
DNA fingerprinting for identification purposes.
AFLP Molecular markers.
Key Outcomes Linkage disequilibrium mapping of commercial sugarcane germplasm for application in breeding programs.
Key Publications Albertse, EH., Edwards, TJ., Butterfield, MK. Poster: Microsatellite fingerprinting as a quality control tool in sugarcane breeding and genetic marker research. SAAB, 18 - 22 January 2004.

Butterfield, MK., Richards, JM., Albertse EH. Progress and Prospects for Molecular Breeding in the South African Sugarcane Variety Improvement Programme. SASTA, 27 - 30 July 2004