Crop Protection Programme

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Research Projects: Crop Protection Programme

Mating disruption and attract-and-kill as IPM tools for Chilo sacchariphagus suppression in Mozambique.
Tawny (African) sugarcane rust: description, biology and control.
Eldana trap development.
The efficiency of Sipha flava as a vector of SCMV.
Application of qPCR in smut epidemiology research.
Biology and Ecology
Effect of major diseases on yield under irrigated conditions.
Yield loss due to thrips and yellow sugarcane aphid.
Evaluation of nematode sampling methods.
Rating commercial varieties for thrips and aphid susceptibility.
Prediction of quantitative resistance to pests and diseases using NIR.
Development of methods for quantifying colonization of Sporisorium scitamineum (smut) in sugarcane
Biological control, cultural and environmental practices
Endophytic Beauveria and Fusarium for the control of Eldana and Chilo.
Screening and development of entomopathogens as bio-insecticides for South African white grub species.
Sterile Insect Technique for Eldana Management: Resource Development and Pilot Release Programme.
Investigation of the possible interaction between nematicides and conazole fungicides.
Improving translocation of herbicides in problematic weeds.
Principal Projects
Variety Evaluation - Nematodes Project.
Variety Evaluation - Diseases Project.
Variety Evaluation – Phytotoxicity of selected herbicides to new varieties.
Additional chemistries and strategies for sugarcane pest, nematode, disease and weed control.