Crop Performance & Management

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Research Projects: Crop Performance and Management

Crop Physiology
 Investigating variety and trash interactions.
Resource use efficiency of biomass genotypes.
Modelling world-wide GXE interaction.
Modeling of chemical ripener responses.
Crop husbandry: Soil management, plant nutrition, trash management, chemical ripeners
Modelling nitrogen dynamics in sugarcane cropping systems.
Potassium in sugarcane production: requirements and interactions with nitrogen and silicon.
Nitrogen nutrition of sugarcane: using soil tests to predict nitrogen contributions from the soil organic matter.
Identifying genotype by nitrogen use efficiency interactions in sugarcane for commercial application.
Measuring volatilisation losses of conventional and new nitrogen fertilizers.
Information systems
Updates to the Canegro Sugarcane Model.
Farm-level water allocation decision support program based on crop response to deficit irrigation.
Soil Sustainability & Diversification
 Long-term effects of CMS on soil quality.
Use of intercropping to diversify sugarcane farming systems and maximize ecological benefit.
Critical evaluation of a sugarcane-soybean crop rotation system in the South African sugar industry.
Climate Change
Measuring and modelling greenhouse gas emissions from sugarcane cropping systems in South Africa?
Assessing some impacts of projected climate change scenarios on the South African sugarcane industry.
Technology Development
Management practices to ameliorate top and subsoil acidity.
Long Term Projects
Ripener x Varieties Evaluation Project
Burning and Trashing Long Term Project