Alana Eksteen

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Alana Patton (Eksteen)

Crop Scientist
(Plant and Environment Resource Centre)
BSc Hons (UKZN), MSc (UKZN)

Tel: +27-(0)31-508-7447


To direct and conduct research into the growth response of sugarcane to climatic, soil, crop management and genotype factors with the objective of improving adaptation and management practices.


Plant physiology techniques and equipment.

Trial management and strategic advice on plant physiology  measurements related to sugarcane growth and performance.

Research Interests

Investigating the response and future impact of drought stress on sugarcane performance.

Examining the effect of G x E on sugarcane varieties from different countries.

Exploring the influence that elevated CO2 has on future sugarcane growth.

Key Outcomes



Improved understanding of sugarcane performance under adverse conditions.

Improving and expanding on physiological data that can be used for crop modelling and the implementation of best management practices by growers.